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Airborne Spartan Bracelet

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- The "SPARTAN" Bracelet is our Flagship Bracelet. This Bracelet allows you to change the Wings. It only takes 5 minute!!!!

- Here is a link to our YouTube video that explains how to change your VetsRec SPARTAN Wings

- Choose the Multi-Wing Option is you would like use to include Silver-Oxide, Chromed and Subdued Wings

- Choose from the Colors available to customize your Bracelet, all Paracord is MIL-SPEC 550 lbs paracord.

(This is not the same paracord you see sold in most stores. This is the same Paracord used for military parachutes. It is the real deal.)

- The Black/Polished stainless steel shackles are load bearing and are guaranteed to never rust or break.

- Wings – All our wings are Authentic (MIL-SPEC) wings, they are the real deal! 

- All our products have our Lifetime Warrior Guarantee.

- You can hand wash our Bracelets with warm water and soap or detergent.

- All our Bracelets are Hand Made in the USA by Veterans!

Available Options (Some Options may not be Available on all Models)

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Warriors Guarantee